Pomeron-Pomeron Scattering


  • I. Szanyi E¨otv¨os Lor´and University
  • V. Svintozelskyi Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv




Regge trajectory, pomeron, glueball, CED, LHC


The central exclusive diffractive (CED) production of meson resonances potentially is a factory producing new particles, in particular, a glueball. The produced resonances lie on trajectories with vacuum quantum numbers, essentially on the pomeron trajectory. A tower of resonance recurrences, the production cross-section, and the resonances widths are predicted. A new feature is the form of a non-linear pomeron trajectory, producing resonances (glueballs) with increasing widths. At LHC energies, in the nearly forward direction, the t-channel both in elastic, single, or double diffraction dissociations, as well as in CED, is dominated by the pomeron exchange (the role of secondary trajectories is negligible, however a small contribution from the odderon may be present).


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