Properties of Wall-Adjacent Epitropic Liquid Crystalline Layers


  • A.Yu. Popovskii Odessa National Maritime Academy
  • V.I. Mikhailenko Odessa National Maritime Academy





A two-component theoretical model of orientational ordering in wall-adjacent layers of a nonmesogenic liquid (consisting of monomers and dimers) with anisotropic intermolecular interaction has been developed. In the framework of the model, a number of experimental results such as the isotherms of disjoing pressure and some peculiarities in the behavior of heat capacity and dielectric permittivity of the liquid interlayers have been explained.


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Popovskii, A., & Mikhailenko, V. (2012). Properties of Wall-Adjacent Epitropic Liquid Crystalline Layers. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 57(2), 224.



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