Editorial Foreword

  • Laszlo Jenkovszky Bogolyubov Institue for Theoretical Physics, Nat. Ac. Sc. of Ukraine
  • Rainer Schicker Phys. Inst., Im Neuenheimer
Keywords: High-Energy Physics, conference


Issues 7 and 8 of the Ukrainian Journal of Physics (V. 64, Nos. 7 and 8, 2019) contain original papers presented at the conference on New Trends in High-Energy Physics, organized by the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics (BITP), National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and held in Odessa on May 12–18, 2019, https://indico.bitp.kiev.ua/event/1/. The present issues are dedicated to the 110-th anniversary of great scientist M.M. Bogolyubov...
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Jenkovszky, L., & Schicker, R. (2019). Editorial Foreword. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 64(7), 541. Retrieved from https://ujp.bitp.kiev.ua/index.php/ujp/article/view/2019543
Special Issue Dedicated to L.A. Bulavin's Anniversary

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