Physical Nature of Relaxation Time in Aqueous Alcoholic Solutions

  • Yu. M. Stula I.I. Mechnikov National University of Odessa
Keywords: relaxation kinetics, aqueous alcoholic solution, formation of new-phase nuclei, dissipation of new-phase nuclei, self-diffusion coefficient of molecules from the nucleus surface


The kinetics of relaxation processes in aqueous alcoholic solutions has been studied. A model
for the nonequilibrium state of those solutions is proposed, in which the slowest relaxation
process is associated with the destruction of new phase nuclei. The process of their destruction
is described in the framework of both the Lagrangian formalism with low dissipation and the
nucleation theory. The self-diffusion coefficients of molecules from the nucleus surface are
calculated and used to estimate the lifetime of nuclei and its dependence on the nucleus size. A
relation between the diffusion coefficient of nuclei in the nucleus-size space and the coefficient
of molecular self-diffusion from the nucleus surface is found. A comparison with available
experimental data is made.


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