Excitation Dynamics of the 5p^6 Auger Spectra in Ba + e^– Collisions


  • O.O. Borovik Institute of Electron Physics Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine, Uzhhorod National University




atom, ion, ionization, autoionization, Auger spectra, cross-section


The ionization of the 5p6 subshell in Ba atoms has been studied in an electron-impact energy range 23–105 eV by measuring the Auger spectra arising from the decay of the 5p5nln′l′ states. The energy dependences of the ionization cross-section have been obtained for nine states in the 5p55d2, 5p55d6s and 5p56s2 configurations. The analysis of the behavior of the cross-sections made it possible to determine the role of direct and indirect ionization processes involved in the 5p6 ionization of the Ba atom.


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Optics, atoms and molecules