The Biophoton Emission in Biotechnological and Chemical Research: from Meta-Epistemology and Meaning to Experiment. Part 1


  • G. Nevoit Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Poltava State Medical University
  • I.A. Bumblyte Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • A. Korpan Poltava State Medical University
  • O. Minser Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine
  • M. Potyazhenko Poltava State Medical University
  • M.T. Iliev Faculty of Physics, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  • A. Vainoras Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • I. Ignatov Sceintific Research Center of Medical Biophysics



biophoton, biophoton emission, ultra-weak photon emission, biotechnological research


The review describes the rationale for the feasibility of assessing the biophoton emissions in chemical and biotechnological research and existing methods. In Part 1, we will present the analysis of Meta-Epistemology methods for assessing the biophoton emission. The following stages in the history of the development of methods are identified: First discoveries and formulation of the problem. Pre-paradigm phase. Pre-technical stage (80s of the 18th century – 30s of the 20th century); – Pre-paradigm phase. Technical stage (30s–60s of the XX century); Paradigm scientific phase. The stage of accumulation of scientific data (the 60s–00s of the XX century) is the paradigm scientific phase. Stage of digital technologies and systematic scientific analysis (XXI century). Part 2 will describe the technological features of the methodology and parameters for assessing biophotons, which will allow the use of biophoton emissions in experiments in biotechnological research.


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