An Extended Analysis of 14N(17F, 18Ne)13C and 14N(7Be, 8B)13C Proton Transfer Reactions Depending on the Temperature, Density Distribution, Nuclear Potential and Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions


  • M. Aygun Department of Physics, Bitlis Eren University
  • Z. Aygun Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Bitlis Eren University
  • N. Karaali Department of Physics, Bitlis Eren University



transfer reaction, density distribution, nuclear potential, nucleon-nucleon interaction


The angular distributions of 14N(17F, 18Ne)13C at 170 MeV and 14N(7Be, 8B)13C at 84 MeV proton-transfer reactions depending on the density distributions, temperature, nuclear potentials, and nucleon-nucleon interactions are studied. The calculations are performed by using the code FRESCO based on the distorted wave Born approximation (DWBA) method. The theoretical results of all the approaches are compared with both each other and experimental data, and the similarities and differences of the results are discussed. Additionally, new potential parameter sets for the description of the experimental data of each reaction are developed. Finally, alternative density, nuclear potential, and nucleon-nucleon interactions are proposed for the analysis of the angular distributions of the 14N(17F, 18Ne)13C and 14N(7Be, 8B)13C protontransfer reactions.


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