Predictions for the Alpha Decay of Z = 127–138 Super Heavy Nuclei Using the CYE Model


  • G.M. Carmel Vigila Bai Department of Physics, Government Arts and Science College
  • V.S. Ajithra Department of Physics, Rani Anna Government College for Women, Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Abhishekapatti



CYE model, alpha decay, superheavy nuclei, cluster, spontaneous fission, half-life time


In recent years, the synthesis and identification of Superheavy elements have been of a great interest in the area of both experimental and theoretical nuclear physics. Using the CYE model, the alpha decay, cluster decay, and spontaneous fission in the heavy and superheavy nuclei have been studied. In the current work, we will investigate the α decay and obtain cluster decay half lifetimes in the interval Z = 127–138 and the spontaneous fission half lifetimes using the two-sphere approximation and will compare the results with the other theoretical values and the semiempirical formula by Xu et al. We believe that the predicted decay half-lifetimes are valuable for future tests, because they are in a good agreement with other theoretical formalisms.


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