Possible 2p Decay Emission in the Region 4 ≤ Z ≤ 54 Using the Modified CYE Model


  • G.M. Carmel Vigila Bai Department of Physics, Government Arts and Science College
  • R. Abisha Department of Physics, Rani Anna Government College for Women, Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Abhishekapatti




2p radioactivity, CYE model, half lifetime, deformation effects


Two proton radioactivity is the spontaneous emission of two protons simultaneously from the nucleus. We have extended our CYE model to study this 2p radioactivity. The current work aims to study the 2p radioactivity of nuclei between Z ≥ 4 to Z ≤ 54 . Moreover, the impact of a deformation of the nucleus is also examined. To comprehend two-proton decay, numerous theoretical works have been developed. The half lifetimes for 2p decays calculated using this CYE model are in a good accord with CPPMDN model of K.P. Santhosh, GLDM, ELDM, GLM, Sreeja et al. and Liu et al. and SEB, SHF and UFM. From whence, it appears that the CYE model is a reasonable choice for assessing 2p radioactivity.


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