Formation of Mn4Si7/Si(111), CrSi2/Si(111), and CoSi2/Si(111) Thin Film and Evaluation of Their Optically Direct and Indirect Band Gap


  • K.T. Dovranov Karshi State University
  • M.T. Normuradov Karshi State University
  • Kh.T. Davranov Karshi State University
  • I.R. Bekpulatov Karshi State University



FTIR spectroscopy, transmission spectroscopy, UV absorption, band gap, thin films


Now, silicon-based heterostructured nanocomposites are of great interest. Despite the fact that silicon semiconductor films (crystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous) have been systematically studied for a long time, heterostructural films are new materials, the study of which began relatively recently. We will produce and investigate the properties of heterostructured Mn4Si7/Si(111), CrSi2/Si(111), and CoSi2/Si(111) thin films using infrared and ultraviolet spectroscopies. Absorption, transmission, and diffuse reflectance spectra are obtained applying FTIR spectroscopy instruments and a UV spectrophotometer. The band gap energies calculated from the transmission spectra are in the interval 0.32–1.31 eV for films deposited on the silicon substrates and in the interval 0.36–1.25 eV for the glass substrates.


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Dovranov, K., Normuradov, M., Davranov, K., & Bekpulatov, I. (2024). Formation of Mn4Si7/Si(111), CrSi2/Si(111), and CoSi2/Si(111) Thin Film and Evaluation of Their Optically Direct and Indirect Band Gap. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 69(1), 20.



Optics, atoms and molecules

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