Effect of Sheared Magnetic Field on E × B Drift Instability in Plasma


  • S. Nasrin Department of Physics, Jadavpur University
  • S. Das Department of Mathematics, Prince Georges Community College
  • M. Bose Department of Physics, Jadavpur University




magnetic shear, drift instability, collision frequency, density gradient


The influence of the magnetic shear on ion drift waves has been investigated for plasmas in the plane slab geometry with a density gradient. A differential equation is derived to describe the mode structure along the density gradient. The magnetic shear localizes the mode around a mode-rational surface, which is perpendicular to the magnetic field. The non-local growth rate turned out to be smaller as compared to the shearless one. The magnetic shear stabilizes long wavelength modes (kρi < 1 ), whereas it destabilizes, as the mode tends toward the short wavelength region, where the density gradient provides a destabilizing effect for the magnetic shear-driven resistive drift mode. However, the effect due to the collision frequency is significantly low in our analysis. The combined effects of E×B flows and the magnetic shear enhance the confinement over a narrow radial region with an internal transport barrier, where stability is attained.


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