Elastic Scattering Cross-Sections Obtained on the Basis of the Potential of the Modified Thomas–Fermi Method and Taking the Core into Account


  • V.A. Nesterov Institute for Nuclear Research, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine
  • O.I. Davydovska Institute for Nuclear Research, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine
  • V.Yu. Denisov Institute for Nuclear Research, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine




nucleus-nucleus interaction potential, modified Thomas–Fermi method, nucleon density distribution, cross-section, repulsive core, elastic scattering


Nucleon density distributions and nucleus-nucleus interaction potentials for the reactions 16O + 40Ca, 16O + 56Fe, and 16O + 90Zr have been calculated in the framework of the modified Thomas–Fermi method and considering all terms up to the second order in ~ in the quasi-classical expansion of the kinetic energy. Skyrme forces dependent on the nucleon density are used as the nucleon-nucleon interaction. A parametrization of the nucleus-nucleus interaction potential, which well describes the potential value calculated within the modified Thomas–Fermi approach with density-dependent Skyrme forces, is found. On the basis of the obtained potentials, the cross-sections of elastic scattering are calculated in a good agreement with experimental data.


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