Comparison between the Theoretical Calculation of Coulomb Form Factors and Experimental Data for 12C and 20Ne Nuclei


  • H.M. Dlshad General directorate of education, Sulaimaniyah
  • A.H. Fatah Physics department, College of Science, University of Sulaimani, Sulaimaniyah



inelastic scattering, Coulomb form factor, harmonic oscillator, wave function, core polarization effect


The Coulomb form factors for the elastic and inelastic electron-nucleus scatterings have been calculated for 12C and 20Ne nuclei in the ground and excited states with the same parity. We use a microscopic theory involving the effects from high configurations outside the model space, which are called the Core Polarization (CP) effects. For the core polarization matrix elements, the realistic Michigan sum of the three-range Yukawa (M3Y) interaction and the Modified Surface Delta Interaction (MSDI) are used as the two-body interactions. Additionally, the Harmonic Oscillators (HO) potential is applied to calculate wave functions. In the final step, a comparison has been made between the theoretical calculations of Coulomb form factors based on (M3Y) and (MSDI) interactions and the available experimental data. It is noticed that the Coulomb form factors for the (M3Y) interaction give a sensible delineation of the measured data.


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