Analysis of Elastic Scattering Cross-Sections of Carbon Isotopes (10–16C) Using Different Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions


  • M. Aygun Department of Physics, Bitlis Eren University



nucleon-nucleon interaction, relativistic mean field, optical model, double folding model


 In this study, the comparative analysis of different nucleon-nucleon interactions is carried out in the framework of the optical model. The real potential is obtained using the double folding model for eight different nucleon-nucleon interactions which consist of B, G1, G2, SL, R3Y(HS), R3Y(Z), R3Y(W), and R3Y(L1). The results are compared with M3Y nucleonnucleon results, as well as the experimental data in order to perform a comparative study. The similarities and differences of the nucleon-nucleon interactions are discussed, and alternative nucleon-nucleon interactions are proposed for the analysis of carbon isotopes (10-16C).


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Aygun, M. (2022). Analysis of Elastic Scattering Cross-Sections of Carbon Isotopes (10–16C) Using Different Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 67(6), 383.



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