Influence of Uniaxial Deformation on the Filling of the Level Associated with A-center in n-Si Crystals


  • A.V. Fedosov Luts'k National Technical University
  • S.V. Luniov Luts'k National Technical University
  • S.A. Fedosov Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University





Single crystals of n-Si with the initial charge carrier concentration of 1.24 × 1014 cm–3 which were irradiated with Co60γ-quanta to a dose of 3.8 × 1017 quantum/cm2 have been studied. The piezoresistance of γ-irradiated n-Si crystals has been
measured in the case where X ║ J ║ [100] and X ║ J ║ [110]. The technique of calculations of the drift rate is presented, and the filling degree α of deep levels is estimated. The variation of the energy gap between the deep energy level E0.17 eV and the lower valleys in the conduction band in n-Si crystals induced by an uniaxial elastic deformation along the crystallographic directions [100] and [110] is calculated. The average value of the coefficient α is determined at various temperatures.


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Fedosov А., Luniov С., & Fedosov С. (2022). Influence of Uniaxial Deformation on the Filling of the Level Associated with A-center in n-Si Crystals. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 56(1), 69.



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