Suppression of Oscillations by Lévy Noise


  • A.I. Olemskoi Institute of Applied Physics, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine
  • S.S. Borysov Sumy State University
  • I.A. Shuda Sumy State University





We find the analytic solution of a pair of stochastic equations with arbitrary forces and multiplicative Lévy noises in a steady-state nonequilibrium case. This solution shows that Lévy flights always suppress a quasiperiodic motion related to the limit cycle. We prove that such suppression is caused by that the Lévy variation ∆L ~ (∆t)1/α with the exponent α < 2 is always negligible in comparison with the Gaussian variation ∆W ~ (∆t)1/2 in the ∆t → 0 limit.


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Olemskoi, A., Borysov, S., & Shuda, I. (2022). Suppression of Oscillations by Lévy Noise. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 56(3), 287.



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