Dynamics of the General Bianchi IX Model near a Cosmological Singularity


  • S.L. Parnovsky Astronomical Observatory of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv




general relativity, cosmology, singularity, general solution


Half a century ago, Belinsky and Khalatnikov proposed a generic solution of the Einstein equations near their cosmological singularity, basing on a generalization of the homogeneous model of Bianchi type IX. The consideration of the evolution of the most general non-diagonal case of this model is significantly simplified, if it is assumed that, when approaching the singularity t = 0, it reduces to the so-called asymptotic dynamics, at which inequality Γ1 ≫ Γ2 ≫ Γ3 holds. It has been suggested that this inequality continues to be true from the moment of its first fulfilment up to the singularity of space-time. We analyze this assumption and show that it is incorrect in the general case. However, it is shown that in any case there exists a time t0, after which this assumption becomes true. The value of t0 is the smaller, the less is the degree of non-diagonality of the model. Some details of the behavior of the non-diagonal homogeneous model of Bianchi type IX are considered at the stage of asymptotic dynamics of approaching the singularity.


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