Nuclear Structure of Rare-Earth 172Er, 174Yb, 176Hf, 178W, 180Os Nuclei


  • M.A. Al-Jubbori Department of Physics, College of Education for Pure Science, University of Mosul
  • H.H. Kassim Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Kerbala
  • E.M. Raheem Ministry of Science and Technology, Directorate of Nuclear Researches and Applications
  • I.M. Ahmed Department of Physics, College of Education for Pure Science, University of Mosul
  • Z.T. Khodair Ministry of Science and Technology, Directorate of Nuclear Researches and Applications
  • F.I. Sharrad Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Diyala, College of Health and Medical Technology, Al-Ayen University
  • I. Hossain Department of Physics, Rabigh college of Science & Arts, King Abdulaziz University



erbium-osmium, ground-state band, NEE, IBM-1, B(E2), SU(3)


Using the method with new empiric equation (NEE) and the model of interacting bosons (IBM-1), we study the ground-state band and the gamma- and beta-emission spectra of erbium (Er) and osmium (Os) elements with N = 104. The absolute B(E2) strengths for the nuclei are determined. The properties of the potential energy surface are investigated within IBM-1. The ratio Ey(I + 2)/(I) as a function of the angular momentum (I) and the characteristics of the yrast states are found. The constructed plots indicate that all nuclei of 172Er, 174Yb, 176Hf, 178W, and 180Os have a rotational SU(3) character. The staggering factors of available measured data are considered. The results of both models agree well with available experimental data for 172Er, 174Yb, 176Hf, 178W, and 180Os nuclei.


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