Nonlinear Optical Response of Smectic Glasses Based on Cobalt Alkanoates


  • A.V. Gridyakina National Aviation University
  • Yu.A. Garbovskiy University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
  • G.V. Klimusheva Institute of Physics, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine
  • A.P. Polischuk National Aviation University





The nonlinear-optical response of anisotropic smectic glasses based on cobalt-alkanoates is studied using the method of dynamic holography. Laser-induced dynamic gratings under the action of nanosecond laser pulses are observed and analyzed for such materials. It is found that a cubic optical nonlinearity of all studied anisotropic glasses is of electronic origin in the nanosecond diapason and caused by a nonlinear polarization of cobalt-alkanoates complexes.


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Gridyakina, A., Garbovskiy, Y., Klimusheva, G., & Polischuk, A. (2012). Nonlinear Optical Response of Smectic Glasses Based on Cobalt Alkanoates. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 57(2), 177.



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