Investigation of the Quenching of Nitrogen Oxide Synthesis Products in Air Plasma




plasma technologies, radio frequency plasma, fixation of nitrogen oxides, quenching, quenching reactor


The paper presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies of the quenching process of nitrogen oxide synthesis products in a low-temperature air plasma. A developed experimental setup for researching the quenching consists of an air plasma generator with a power of up to 40 kW, as well as a coolant feeding system and control and measuring equipments. For the mathematical modeling of the processes, the numerical solution of the system of differential equations of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy in a turbulent system is used. Calculations and experiments were carried out in the range of variation of the quenching air flow rate 1–5 g/s at a plasma power of 31 kW, and a plasma air flow rate of 5 g/s. The calculated data on the values of heat fluxes are in satisfactory agreement with the experimental values. The theoretically and experimentally obtained value of the average cooling rate of the synthesis products 2.9 × 105 K/s significantly exceeds the cooling rate with traditional water cooling of elements.


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