A New Family of Interactions between Clothed Particles in QED





unitary clothing transformations, quantum electrodynamics, clothed particles, off-energy-shell effects


The method of unitary clothing transformations (UCTs) has been applied to the quantum electrodynamics (QED) by using the clothed particle representation (CPR). Within CPR, the Hamiltonian for interacting electromagnetic and electron-positron fields takes the form in which the interaction operators responsible for such two-particle processes as ee → ee, e+e+ → e+e+, ee+ → ee+, ee+ → yy, yy → ee+, ye → ye, and ye+ → ye+ are obtained on the same physical footing. These novel interactions include the off-energy-shell and recoil effects (the latter without any expansion in (v/c)2-series) and their on-energy shell matrix elements reproduce the well-known results derived within the perturbation theory based on the Dyson expansion for the S-matrix (in particular, the Møller formula for the ee-scattering, the Bhabha formula for ee+-scattering, and the Klein–Nishina one for the Compton scattering).


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