Qualitative Analysis of the Clustering in Water Solutions of Alcohols III


  • V.E. Chechko I.I. Mechnikov National University of Odesa, Research and Development Institute of Physics




solutions, water, monohydric alcohols, elementary clusters, special point


Peculiarities of the clustering in aqueous solutions of monohydric alcohols have been discussed. The main attention is focused on the details of clustering in aqueous solutions of four first alcohols in the methanol homologous series, as well as butanol isomers. The volume of an elementary cluster is assumed to be smaller than the total volume of the components forming this cluster. The clustering degree is determined at a temperature of 15 C and in the concentration interval 0 < x < xp, where xp is the molar concentration of alcohol molecules at the special point. The clustering degree for the aqueous solutions of butanol isomers at 20 C is estimated as well.


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