Two-Dimensional Pauli Equation in Noncommutative Phase-Space


  • I. Haouam Laboratoire de Physique Mathematique et de Physique Subatomique (LPMPS), Universite Freres Mentouri



noncommutative phase-space, Pauli equation, Bopp-shift, semiclassical partition function, thermodynamic properties


We study the Pauli equation in a two-dimensional noncommutative phase-space by considering a constant magnetic field perpendicular to the plane. The noncommutative problem is related to the equivalent commutative one through a set of two-dimensional Bopp-shift transformations. The energy spectrum and the wave function of the two-dimensional noncommutative Pauli equation are found, where the problem in question has been mapped to the Landau problem. In the classical limit, we have derived the noncommutative semiclassical partition function for one- and N- particle systems. The thermodynamic properties such as the Helmholtz free energy, mean energy, specific heat and entropy in noncommutative and commutative phasespaces are determined. The impact of the phase-space noncommutativity on the Pauli system is successfully examined.


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