Optical Characteristics and Parameters of Overstressed Nanosecond Discharge Plasma in Argon between Aluminum and Chalcopyrite


  • O.K. Shuaibov Uzhhorod National University
  • O.Y. Minya Uzhhorod National University
  • A.O. Malinina Uzhhorod National University
  • R.V. Grytsak Uzhhorod National University
  • O.M. Malinin Uzhhorod National University




overstressed nanosecond discharge, aluminum, chalcopyrite, argon


The optical characteristics and parameters of overstressed nanosecond discharges in argon between aluminum and chalcopyrite (CuInSe2) electrodes at the argon pressures p(Ar) = 13.3 and 101 kPa have been determined. Due to microexplosions of natural inhomogeneities located on the working electrode surfaces in a strong electric field, both aluminum and chalcopyrite vapors are introduced into plasma, which creates preconditions for the synthesis of quaternary chalcopyrite (CuAlInSe2) thin films beyond the discharge. Voltage pulses across the discharge interval d = 1 × 10−3 m, current pulses, and pulse energy contribution to plasma are analyzed. The spectra of plasma radiation emission have been studied in detail, which made it possible to identify the main decay products of chalcopyrite molecules and the energy states of the atoms and single-charged ions of aluminum, copper, and indium that had been formed at the discharge. The reference spectral lines of aluminum, copper, and indium atoms and ions have been detected, which can be used to control the sputtering process of thin quaternary chalcopyrite films. Using the numerical simulation of the parameters of overstressed nanoseconddischarge plasma created on the basis of aluminum and chalcopyrite vapors and by solving the Boltzmann kinetic equation for the electron energy distribution function, the electron temperature and concentration in the discharge and specific discharge power losses, as well as their dependences on the ratio E/N the electric field strength E and the total concentration N of components in the aluminum and argon vapor mixture, are calculated.


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Shuaibov, O., Minya, O., Malinina, A., Grytsak, R., & Malinin, O. (2022). Optical Characteristics and Parameters of Overstressed Nanosecond Discharge Plasma in Argon between Aluminum and Chalcopyrite. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 67(4), 240. https://doi.org/10.15407/ujpe67.4.240



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