Electrical Properties and Energy Parameters of Photosensi-tive n-Mn2O3/n-CdZnTe Heterostructures





thin film, spray pyrolysis, heterostructure, energy diagram, photodiode


Conditions for the fabrication of isotype photodiode n-Mn2O3n-CdZnTe heterostructures by the spray pyrolysis of thin a-Mn2O3 bixbite films on n-CdZnTe crystalline substrates have been studied. The temperature dependences of the current-voltage (I-V) characteristics were used to analyze the mechanisms of electron tunneling through the energy barrier of the heterojunction in the forward and reverse current regimes. The role of energy states at the n-Mn2O3/n-CdZnTe interface in the formation of the barrier parameters was clarified. Based on the capacitance-voltage (C-V) characteristics, the dynamics of changes in the capacitive parameters of the Mn2O3 thin film and the n-CdZnTe inversion layer and the relation between them were established. A model for the energy diagram of the n-Mn2O3/n-CdZnTe heterojunction was presented. The photoelectric properties of the examined heterostructure were analyzed.


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