Two-Mode Squeezed and Entangled Light Production in Parametric Oscillations


  • D. Ayehu Department of Physics, Wollo University



two-mode light, two-mode squeezing, entanglement, photon number correlation


We investigate the statistical and quadrature squeezings, as well as the entanglement properties, of a two-mode light generated by non-degenerate parametric oscillations coupled to a two-mode squeezed vacuum reservoir, by employing the solutions of the quantum Langevin equations. It is found that the two-mode light shows the two-mode squeezing and entanglement for all values of the time. Moreover, it is observed that the squeezed vacuum reservoir and the growing amplitude of the pump mode enhance the degrees of two-mode squeezing and entanglement. We have also shown that the amounts of squeezing and entanglement are significant in a region, where the mean photon number is higher, and the photon number correlation is lower.


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