Isothermal Compressibility near the Solution’s Peculiar Point


  • L.M. Sabirov Samarkand State University
  • F.R. Ismailov Samarkand State University
  • Sh.E. Karshibaev Samarkand State University
  • S.A. Kadirov Urgench State University



Mandelstam–Brillouin light scattering, Landau–Placzek ratio, isothermal compressibility, adiabatic compressibility, coefficient of volumetric expansion.


Using the Mandelstam–Brillouin spectrum of scattered light, the velocities of hypersound with frequencies of 6.2, 4.8, and 2.6 GHz in three aqueous solutions of non-electrolytes have been determined in a wide temperature interval. The ratio of the central triplet line intensity to the intensity of the Mandelstam–Brillouin components (the Landau–Placzek ratio) is calculated as well. The corresponding temperature dependences of the adiabatic and isothermal compressibilities and the coeffi cient of volumetric expansion are plotted. The adiabatic compressibility value was found to depend on the angle of scattered light.


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Sabirov, L., Ismailov, F., Karshibaev, S., & Kadirov, S. (2021). Isothermal Compressibility near the Solution’s Peculiar Point. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 66(5), 394.



Physics of liquids and liquid systems, biophysics and medical physics

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