Interaction of Two-Level Atoms with a Single-Mode Quantized Radiation Field


  • M. Molla Gessesse Department of Physics, Aksum University, Department of Physics, University of Gondar



mean photon number, quadrature variance, vacuum reservoir, noise


We have studied the statistical and squeezing properties of the cavity light generated by a two-level laser. This optical system contains N two-level atoms available in a cavity coupled to a single-mode vacuum reservoir. They are pumped to the top level from the bottom level by means of the electron bombardment. Applying the steady-state solutions of the equations of evolution of the expectation values of the atomic operators and the quantum Langevin equation, we obtained the global and local photon statistics of the single-mode light beam. We have found that, for the two-level laser operating well above the threshold, the uncertainties in the plus and minus quadratures are equal and satisfy the minimum uncertainty relation. In view of this, we have identified the light generated by the laser operating well above threshold to be coherent. On the other hand, the light generated by the laser operating at threshold is found to be chaotic. From the obtained results, we have also observed that a large part of the local mean photon number, the local photon number variance, and the local quadrature variance are confined in a relatively narrow frequency interval.


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Molla Gessesse, . M. (2021). Interaction of Two-Level Atoms with a Single-Mode Quantized Radiation Field. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 66(7), 570.



Optics, atoms and molecules