Electrically Pumped Two-Mode Laser Dynamics


  • M. Molla Gessesse Department of Physics, Aksum University




stimulated emission decay constant, photon statistics, power spectrum, photon number fluctuations, quadrature squeezing


The statistical and squeezing properties of the cavity light produced by a three-level laser are studied. In the laser, N three-level atoms in an open cavity are coupled with a two-mode vacuum reservoir and are pumped to the top level by means of the electron bombardment. Applying the steady-state solutions of the equations of evolution of the expectation values of the atomic operators and the quantum Langevin equations for the cavity mode operators, we have obtained the global and local photon statistics for single-mode cavity light beams and for two-mode cavity light. It is found that the global mean photon number and the global photon-number variance of the light emitted from the top are greater than those for the light emitted from intermediate level. The cavity lights emitted from the top and intermediate levels can be separately in a chaotic state under certain conditions. However, the two-mode cavity light is in a squeezed state under certain conditions. We have established that the maximum quadrature squeezing of the two-mode cavity light to be about 46% below the coherent-state level. The presence of the vacuum reservoir noise has the effect of increasing the photon-number variance and decreasing the quadrature squeezing of the cavity light but has no effect on the mean photon number. We have shown that the local mean photon number and photon number variance of the cavity light approach the global mean photon number and photon number variance of the cavity light as the frequency interval increases.


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Optics, atoms and molecules