Effects of Reservoir Input Fields on the Non-Classical Features of Quantum Beat Cascade Laser


  • S. Eshete Department of Physics, Debre Tabor University




super-Poissonian, squeezed state, quantum features, light-matter interaction


The quantum features and quantum statistical properties of a cavity-mode radiation emitted from the coherently prepared degenerate three-level laser have been investigated, by using the standard quantum electrodynamics approach and accounting for the light-matter interaction. We considered the vacuum reservoir, squeezed vacuum reservoir, and thermal reservoir to see the effect of reservoir input fields on the statistical and squeezing nature on the cavity radiation. It is found that the squeezed vacuum reservoir has enhancement effect on the squeezing property, as well as the brightness of the cavity radiation compared to those of the vacuum and thermal reservoirs. It is also observed that the radiation emitted from the cavity is in the squeezed state with super-Poissonian photon statistics regardless of the reservoir nature.


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Optics, atoms and molecules