Influence of Ag2Te on Transport Properties of (AgS-bTe2)0.9(PbTe)0.1


  • S.S. Ragimov Baku State University, Institute for Physical Problems, Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan
  • M.A. Musayev Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
  • N.N. Hashimova Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University



thermoelectric material, endothermic effect, electrical conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, Hall coefficient


The transport properties of (AgSbTe2)0.9(PbTe)0.1, namely, the electrical conductivity and the Seebeck (S) and Hall (RH) coefficients, are studied in the temperature interval 80–560 K. An endothermic peak at 410 K is found by the differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Sharp changes in the temperature dependences of the electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power in the region near 410 K are observed. The temperature dependence of Hall coefficient passes through maximum at ∼200 K and has negative sign. It is shown that, these peculiarities are due to the presence of the Ag2Te phase. The thermoelectric Z-factor has the maximum value of 2.7 × 10−3 K−1 at 400 K.


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Ragimov, S., Musayev, M., & Hashimova, N. (2021). Influence of Ag2Te on Transport Properties of (AgS-bTe2)0.9(PbTe)0.1. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 66(11), 983.



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