Configuration Mixing for Po Isotopes within the Interacting Boson Model-2


  • L.A. Najam Dept. of Physics, College of Science, Mosul University
  • S.N. Abood Dept. of Physics, College of Science, Al-Nahrain University
  • F.M.A. Al-Jomaily Dept. of Physics, College of Science, Mosul University



Interacting Boson Model (IBM-2), configuration mixing, B(E2), Q(2 1)


We analyze a sequence of 194−204Po isotopes, using the Configuration Mixing (CM) Interacting Boson Model 2 (IBM-2). We set the parameters of Hamiltonian using a least-square fit for the known energy levels, electrical transition rates B(E2), and quadruple moments Q(2+1) for the first excited states. We have a good agreement with the experimental values for all the observables tested, and we infer that the feature of the shape coexistence is concealed in the isotopes of Po, just as in the isotopes of Os and Pt.


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Najam, L., Abood, S., & Al-Jomaily, F. (2021). Configuration Mixing for Po Isotopes within the Interacting Boson Model-2. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 66(7), 582.



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