Coulomb C2 and C4 Form Factors of 18O, 20,22Ne Nuclei Using Bohr−Mottelson Collective Model


  • I.A.H. Ajeel Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Wasit
  • M.J.R. Aldhuhaibat Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Wasit
  • K.S. Jassim Department of Physics, College of Education for pure Sciences, University of Babylon



sd-shell nuclei, longitudinal form factors, Coulomb form factors, Nushellx@MUS code


Coulomb C2 and C4 form factors with core-polarization effects to 2+ and 4+ states in 18O and 20,22Ne have been studied using shell model calculations. The two-body effective Wildenthal interaction and universal sd-shell interaction A (USDA) are used for sd-shell orbits. Corepolarization effects are calculated using the Coulomb valance Tassie model (CVTM) and Bohr–Mottelson (BM) collective model. Some wave functions of the radial single-particle matrix elements have been calculated with harmonic oscillator (HO), Wood–Saxon (WS), and SKX potentials. The inclusions of core-polarization effects give good agreements with experimental data as comparing with model space calculations. The results for different potentials are compared.


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Ajeel, I., Aldhuhaibat, M., & Jassim, K. (2022). Coulomb C2 and C4 Form Factors of 18O, 20,22Ne Nuclei Using Bohr−Mottelson Collective Model. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 67(2), 110.



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