Influence of Deformed Surface Diffuseness on Elastic Scattering Reactions Involving Actinide and Lanthanide Targets


  • M. Aygun Department of Physics, Bitlis Eren University



nuclear surface diffuseness, deformation and orientation, elastic scattering, optical model


The effect of the deformed surface diffuseness on the elastic scattering reactions with actinide and lanthanide targets is examined. The elastic scattering cross-sections are calculated by assuming the spherical structure for the projectiles and both spherical and deformed structures for the target nuclei. The theoretical calculations are performed by using spherical and deformed Broglie–Winther potentials for the real potential and the Woods–Saxon potential for the imaginary potential in the framework of the optical model. Finally, the effect of the angle dependence on the deformed surface diffuseness for two different orientation angles such as 0 = п/4 and 0 = п/2 is studied. All the theoretical results are compared with both one another and experimental data.


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