Ideal Bose Gas in Some Deformed Types of Thermodynamics. Correspondence between Deformation Parameters


  • O. M. Chubai Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Department for Theoretical Physics
  • A. A. Rovenchak Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Department for Theoretical Physics



q- and м-deformed thermodynamics, q- and м-deformed algebras, Jackson derivative, cluster integrals, virial coefficients, non-additive Polychronakos statistics


Two approaches to the construction of thermodynamics in the framework of the q- and м-formalisms, which correspond to certain deformations of the algebra of the creation–annihilation operators, have been considered. By comparing the obtained results, an approximate, independent of the space dimension, correspondence was revealed between the second virial coefficients for the ideal q- and м-deformed Bose gases. The corresponding discrepancy arises only at the level of the third virial coefficient. A method for emulating the м-deformed Bose gas up to the third virial coefficient inclusive by means of the two-parametric nonadditive Polychronakos statistics is demonstrated.


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Chubai, O. M., & Rovenchak, A. A. (2020). Ideal Bose Gas in Some Deformed Types of Thermodynamics. Correspondence between Deformation Parameters. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 65(6), 500.



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