Magnon Laser


  • P. Nowik-Boltyk Institute for Applied Physics and Center for Nanotechnology, University of M¨unster
  • I. V. Borisenko Institute for Applied Physics and Center for Nanotechnology, University of M¨unster, Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • V. E. Demidov Institute for Applied Physics and Center for Nanotechnology, University of M¨unster
  • S. O. Demokritov Institute for Applied Physics and Center for Nanotechnology, University of M¨unster



magnon laser, Bose–Einstein condensate of magnons, yttrium iron garnet


We experimentally demonstrate a magnon laser based on the coherent Bose–Einstein condensate of magnons brought into motion by using a time-dependent spatially inhomogeneous magnetic field. We show that the application of a short field pulse results in the formation of a condensate cloud moving with the constant velocity of 930 m/s for the used parameters of the experiment. The number of magnons building the cloud is not changed during the propagation, which is reminiscent of the magnon superfluidity.


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