Magnon-Plasmon Polaritons in the Layered Structure Metal–Ferrite with a Periodic Stripe-Like Structure of Domains


  • I. V. Zavislyak Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics, and Computer Systems
  • H. L. Chumak Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Radiophysics, Electronics, and Computer Systems



magnon-plasmon polariton, ferrite, periodic stripe-like domain structure


The theory of magnon-plasmon polaritons in the layered structure metal–ferrite–air is presented. It is assumed that the ferrite has an easy-axis anisotropy, and, in the absence of a magnetization field, it is in an unsaturated state with a periodic stripe-like domain structure. A dispersion dependence for magnon-plasmon polaritons and corresponding microwave field distributions in a waveguide structure based on BaFe12O19-type hexaferrite are found. Effects associated with the hybridization of surface plasmon polaritons and domain resonances in the ferrite layer are analyzed. General characteristics of magnon-plasmon-polariton millimeter-wave resonators are discussed.


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Zavislyak, I. V., & Chumak, H. L. (2019). Magnon-Plasmon Polaritons in the Layered Structure Metal–Ferrite with a Periodic Stripe-Like Structure of Domains. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 64(10), 956.



Physics of magnetic phenomena and physics of ferroics