Kramers–Kronig Relations – Supplementary Technique to the Time-Domain Spectroscopy


  • V.S. Ovechko Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv



Kramers–Kronig relations, femtosecond pulse, time-domain spectroscopy technique


We have proposed a new method for obtaining the Kramers–Kronig relations based on the analysis of the earlier proposed solution of the wave equation for a dispersion medium [2]. The use of this solution for ultra-wideband (femtosecond) optical signals allowed us to propose a simultaneous measurement method for both n (w) and k (w). The latter is a further development of the time-domain spectroscopy method.


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Ovechko, V. (2020). Kramers–Kronig Relations – Supplementary Technique to the Time-Domain Spectroscopy. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 65(12), 1051.



Optics, atoms and molecules