Contact Interactions in One-Dimensional Quantum Mechanics: a Family of Generalized б'-Potentials


  • A. V. Zolotaryuk Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Nat. Acad. of Sci. of Ukraine



point interactions, transmission, resonant tunneling, heterostructures


A “one-point” approximation is proposed to investigate the transmission of electrons through the extra thin heterostructures composed of two parallel plane layers. The typical example is the bilayer for which the squeezed potential profile is the derivative of Dirac’s delta function. The Schr¨odinger equation with this singular one-dimensional profile produces a family of contact (point) interactions each of which (called a “distributional” б′-potential) depends on the way of regularization. The discrepancies widely discussed so far in the literature regarding the family of delta derivative potentials are eliminated using a two-scale power-connecting parametrization of the bilayer potential that enables one to extend the family of distributional б′-potentials to a whole class of “generalized” б′-potentials. In a squeezed limit of the bilayer structure to zero thickness, the resonant tunneling through this structure is shown to occur in the form of sharp peaks located on the sets of Lebesgue’s measure zero (called resonance sets). A four-dimensional parameter space is introduced for the representation of these sets. The transmission on the complement sets in the parameter space is shown to be completely opaque.


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