Black Hole Mimickers in Astrophysical Configurations with Scalar Fields


  • O. S. Stashko Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • V. I. Zhdanov Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv



relativistic astrophysical objects, scalar fields, accretion disks


We study static spherically symmetric configurations of General Relativity in the presence of one scalar field (SF). For a monomial SF potential, the solutions of the Einstein SF equations are obtained numerically; then we get distributions of stable circular orbits around the configuration and build images of the corresponding “accretion disks” from the perspective of a distant observer. We discuss also a similar problem in the case of analytic solution with a specially selected SF potential that allows the existence of a black hole. We show that the images are similar in many cases to the case of ordinary Schwarzschild black hole with a luminous ring and a dark spot at the center. On the other hand, a certain selection of model parameters leads to specific features in these images that may help to exclude some exotic models.


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Stashko, O. S., & Zhdanov, V. I. (2019). Black Hole Mimickers in Astrophysical Configurations with Scalar Fields. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 64(11), 1078.



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