Electrical Conductivity Studies of Composites Based on (Cu1–xAgx)7GeSe5I Solid Solutions


  • A. I. Pogodin Uzhhorod National University
  • M. M. Luchynets Uzhhorod National University
  • V. I. Studenyak Uzhhorod National University
  • O. P. Kokhan Uzhhorod National University
  • I. P. Studenyak Uzhhorod National University
  • P. Kúš Comenius University




solid solutions, composites, cation substitution, electrical conductivity, activation energy, compositional dependence


Polymer composites based on (Cu1−xAgx)7GeSe5I solid solutions are produced. The electrical conductivity of the composites is measured by impedance spectroscopy in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 2×106 Hz and in the temperature interval 292–338 K. The frequency dependences of the total electrical conductivity are obtained, the Nyquist plots are constructed, and their analysis is performed. The effect of Cu+ →Ag+ cationic substitution on the total electrical conductivity and the activation energy, as well as on the electronic and ionic components of the electrical conductivity of composites based on (Cu1−xAgx)7GeSe5I solid solutions is studied on the basis of compositional dependences.


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Pogodin, A. I., Luchynets, M. M., Studenyak, V. I., Kokhan, O. P., Studenyak, I. P., & Kúš, P. (2020). Electrical Conductivity Studies of Composites Based on (Cu1–xAgx)7GeSe5I Solid Solutions. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 65(1), 55. https://doi.org/10.15407/ujpe65.1.55



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