Gas Flame Structure and Optical Assessment of the Flame Speed and Combustion Efficiency




propane-butane flame, flame structure, flame speed, ambient air, flame study


We perform the analysis of a prepared propane-butane flame structure, by using the computer processing of the radiation from the chemical reaction zone. We mark out the stoichiometric reaction along with the zones of the external oxidant inflow into the flame for different burner diameters. We suggest a method of determining the normal flame speed based on catching the moment of the complete fuel combustion in the upper part of a flame. We show a role of the external oxidant inflow in the kinetic processes within the burning zone. The absolute value of the normal component of the flame speed and its dependence on the burner diameter and on the excess oxidant ratio for a prepared propane-butane flame are determined experimentally.


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Trofimenko, M. Y., Aslanov, S. K., Dragan, G. S., & Smolyar, V. P. (2020). Gas Flame Structure and Optical Assessment of the Flame Speed and Combustion Efficiency. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 65(6), 461.



Optics, atoms and molecules