Compensating Effect of Terbium Impurity on the Conductivity of TbxSn1 – xSe Solid Solutions


  • J. I. Huseynov Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  • Kh. A. Hasanov Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  • T. A. Jafarov Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  • I. I. Abbasov Azerbaijan State University of Oil and Industry



chalcogenides, solid solutions, electrical conductivity, Hall coefficient, valence band, light and heavy holes


The interactions in the SnSe–TbSe system are investigated, and the solubility region of TbSe in SnSe is determined from the results of a complex physicochemical analysis. The dependence of the electrical conductivity and the concentration of current carriers of TbxSn1−xSe crystals on the composition and temperature is analyzed.


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Huseynov, J. I., Hasanov, K. A., Jafarov, T. A., & Abbasov, I. I. (2020). Compensating Effect of Terbium Impurity on the Conductivity of TbxSn1 – xSe Solid Solutions. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 65(3), 225.



Semiconductors and dielectrics