Interaction of Chalcogenide As4Se96 Films with Electron Beam When Used as Electronic Resists


  • B. V. Bilanych Faculty of Physics, Uzhhorod National University
  • O. Shylenko Faculty of Science, Safarik University
  • V. M. Latyshev Faculty of Science, Safarik University
  • A. Feher Faculty of Science, Safarik University
  • V. S. Bilanych Faculty of Physics, Uzhhorod National University
  • V. M. Rizak Faculty of Physics, Uzhhorod National University
  • V. Komanicky Faculty of Science, Safarik University



chalcogenide glass, thin films, As–Se, electron-induced surface relief


The interaction of an electron beam with chalcogenide films As4Se96 has been studied. The kinetics of the formation of an electron-induced surface relief in the dose range 9,3 · 103–9,3 · 107 мC· cm−2 is established. The parameters of the interaction of a film As4Se96 with an electron beam are calculated. It is shown that the observed point of inversion of the shape of the electron-induced relief can be caused by the crossover of the surface potential. The process of manufacturing the image element by the single-step lithography is realized on the surface of an As4Se96 film.


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Bilanych, B. V., Shylenko, O., Latyshev, V. M., Feher, A., Bilanych, V. S., Rizak, V. M., & Komanicky, V. (2020). Interaction of Chalcogenide As4Se96 Films with Electron Beam When Used as Electronic Resists. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 65(3), 247.



Surface physics

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