Role of Anode Processes in Glow Discharge Energetics


  • V. A. Zhovtyansky Gas Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • O. V. Anisimova National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”



glow discharge, spherical diode, short diode, electric field, anode processes, fluid model, current-voltage characteristics


The role of anode processes in the formation of self-organized glow discharge (GD) structure is analyzed in the case of spherical diode, the latter, as well as a short plane diode, being characterized by the absence of a positive column. The results of numerical calculations are compared with the experimental GD current-voltage characteristics and the electric field strength distributions measured by the probe method. It is shown that the boundary conditions at the anode should be formulated with regard for a possibility of a potential drop at the anode. In this case, the calculated diode potential decreases significantly and corresponds to experimentally observed results.



How to Cite

Zhovtyansky, V. A., & Anisimova, O. V. (2019). Role of Anode Processes in Glow Discharge Energetics. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 61(2), 98.



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