Detection of the Entanglement in Many-Qubit Quantum Systems on the Basis of the Mermin and Ardehali Criteria

  • I. S. Dotsenko Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • P. S. Korobka Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: quantum entanglement, entanglement criteria


A possibility to reveal the entanglement in generalized n-qubit two-parameter GHZ states, as well as in any n-qubit states, with the help of the Mermin and Ardehali inequalities from the collection generally called the Mermin–Ardehali–Belinskii–Klyshko inequalities has been studied. Formulas for the calculation of the Mermin and Ardehali correlation functions in any quantum n-qubit states are derived, and criteria of the violation of corresponding inequalities by specific states are obtained. A set of states that are absolutely insensitive to the Mermin and Ardehali operators is revealed. Modified Mermin and Ardehali operators are proposed, the set of which makes it possible to extend the class of n-qubit states, in which quantum correlations can be revealed.


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Dotsenko, I., & Korobka, P. (2019). Detection of the Entanglement in Many-Qubit Quantum Systems on the Basis of the Mermin and Ardehali Criteria. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 61(12), 1061.
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