Research of Conductivity in Polycrystalline Films with a Thin Coating Using the Modified Mayadas–Shatzkes Model

  • T. P. Hovorun Sumy State University
  • O. A. Bilous Sumy State University
  • O. P. Gaponova Sumy State University
  • L. V. Dekhtyaruk Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture
  • A. M. Chornous Sumy State University
Keywords: Mayadas–Shatzkes model, polycrystalline film, coating, diffusion, conductivity


The experimental testing of the theoretical concepts of a modified Mayadas–Shatzkes model for the conductivity in thin polycrystalline films with a thin coating has been carried out. It is shown that the deposition of Ni coatings onto Co films increases the specific conductance in bilayer samples with respect to the conductivity in the basic (uncovered) specimen. At the same time, the coating of the Ni films with Cu and of the Cu films with Ni leads to a decrease of the film conductivity. This phenomenon takes place due to the enhancement or worsening of the grain boundary transparency when the coating is deposited.


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