Charge-Transfer Processes in (SnS)1−x(PrS)x Alloys

  • I. I. Abbasov Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University
  • J. I. Huseynov Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
Keywords: solid solutions, chalcogenides, electrical conductivity, donor, Hall coefficient, valence band, light and heavy holes


Interactions in the SnS–PrS alloy system have been studied. On the basis of the results of complex physicochemical analysis, the interval of PrS solubility in SnS is determined. The microrelief of the surface of PrxSn1−xS single crystals is analyzed using a scanning probe microscope operating in the atomic-force regime. The electrical conductivity and the Hall coefficient are researched in a broad temperature interval of 80–800 K. The charge-transfer processes in the objects concerned are analyzed.


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Abbasov, I., & Huseynov, J. (2018). Charge-Transfer Processes in (SnS)1−x(PrS)x Alloys. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 62(10), 883.
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