Relaxation Processes in a Quantum Wire with Parabolic Confinement


  • Kh. A. Hasanov Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • J. I. Huseynov Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  • F. I. Mamedov Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Azerbaijan Republic
  • I. I. Abbasov Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
  • A. A. Hasanov Baku State University



mobility of a two-dimensional electron gas, quantum wire, elastic scattering by ionized impurities, scattering by acoustic phonons, parabolic confinement potential


Analytical expressions are found for the mobility of a degenerate electron gas in a quantum wire for three scattering mechanisms: on ionized impurities and on piezoacoustic and deformation acoustic phonons. The expressions allow one to analyze the concentration, temperature, and dimensional dependences of the electron mobility.


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Hasanov, K. A., Huseynov, J. I., Mamedov, F. I., Abbasov, I. I., & Hasanov, A. A. (2018). Relaxation Processes in a Quantum Wire with Parabolic Confinement. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 63(10), 930.



Physics of magnetic phenomena and physics of ferroics