Final State Interaction Effects in B0 → D0* ¯ D0 Decay


  • H. Mehraban Physics Department, Semnan University
  • A. Asadi Physics Department, Semnan University



B meson, QCD factorization, final state interaction, intermediate states, branching ratio


The exclusive decay of B0 → D0* ¯ D0 is calculated by the QCD factorization (QCDF) method and a method involving the final state interaction (FSI). The result obtained by the QCDF method was less than the experimental value, which indicates the necessity to consider FSI. For the decay, the D+D−*, K+*K−, p+п−, p0п0, D−*s D+s, and J/wп0 via the exchange of п−(p−), D−s (D−*s ), D−(D−*), ¯ D0( ¯ D0*), and K−(K−*) mesons are chosen as intermediate states, which were calculated by the QCDF method. As for the FSI effects, the results of our calculations depend on n as the phenomenological parameter. The range of this parameter is selected to be from 0.8 to 1.6. If n = 1.4 is selected, the theoretical result fits the experimental branching ratio of the B0 → D0* ¯ D0 decay that is less than 2.9 × 10^−4. Our results calculated by the QCDF and FSI methods are (0.13±0.11)×10^−4 and (2.2±0.08)×10^−4, respectively.


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Mehraban, H., & Asadi, A. (2018). Final State Interaction Effects in B0 → D0* ¯ D0 Decay. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 59(9), 863.



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